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FlexKRETE is the World's Fastest Curing Concrete Repair

At FlexKRETE Technologies, we manufacture the world’s strongest concrete repair material. It is 3 times as hard as concrete and will cure in as little as 15 minutes. It can also be applied in any temperature; whether you’re in Alaska at -30 degrees or Texas at 110 degrees, FlexKRETE will get the job done. FlexKRETE can be applied on any horizontal, vertical, overhead or rounded concrete and at a cost effective rate. It has been used on highways, bridges, balconies, sidewalks, curbs, pillars, parking garages, etc. FlexKRETE lasts longer than any other concrete repair material. Its longest lasting application is over 22 years old and counting! For any concrete spalling or cracking, FlexKRETE can and should be used.

Our Services Include

Sidewalk Repair // Curb Repair // Spalling + Cracking Repair // Overhead Repairs // Custom Projects // Highway Maintenance  // Driveway Repair  // Much more...

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Cures in

15 Minutes

Returning traffic to repaired areas in as little as 15 minutes virtually eliminating downtime.

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Unmatched Durability

3X harder than concrete and lasts for decades WITHOUT maintenance.

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Easy Application

Our products are easy to use and customized training classes are available.

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-30º to 220º Temperatures

From Alaska to Colombia, FK102 accommodates most temperatures.

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Cost Effective

By virtually eliminating downtime, labor costs are lower and profits higher.

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Non - Toxic and Earth Friendly 

By virtually eliminating downtime, labor costs are lower and profits higher.

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